Club Balattou

More than 30 years of world music!

The legendary Club Balattou, the capital of Montreal's World Music scene, which for more than 30 years has played an essential role on the cultural and artistic scene of the city, which is at the origin of the great history of the Nuits d'Afrique.

In 1985, Lamine Touré, this great pioneer, opens a small club on St-Laurent boulevard which will become the first tropical nightclub in Canada. From its very beginnings, Club Balattou presents live world music acts from all over the world. It is immediately a hit, we dance to the latest African beats, South American songs and Caribbean rythms. Club Balattou, a unique multicultural meeting place, known well beyond its borders. Evidence of its notoriety, is witnessed by the artists who have written more than twenty songs about the Club Balattou which are played around the world.


A pioneer in his field, he was one of the first clubs to offer a stage for musical performances and more particularly for the performances of world music artists. It is on these same stages that the first edition of the Festival International Nuits d'Afrique, promoted by Productions Nuits d'Afrique, is launched. Club Balattou, this unique place for exchanges and meetings that regularly transforms its dance floor into an artistic podium has so far encouraged the talent of several thousand world music artists from here and abroad and has made their audience a true connoisseur always in search of quality, discovery and exclusive musical trips.